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Fixtures & Accessories

Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

Anyone that deals with plumbing and heating supplies has to have an immense range of fixtures and accessories available for their clients. These are often carried by tradespeople as replacement spares or extras that from time to time may come in handy by preventing a job from coming to a halt or having serious delays for the lack of them.

Top Quality Fixtures and Accessories

Here at The Combi Centre we are no different. We have hundreds of different types of fixtures and accessories. Valves of differing shapes and sizes, end caps, reducers, connectors, gates and levers are just a few. Some are specifically for heating systems while others are used on plumbing jobs. The one thing they have in common is that at some time or another they will all be needed.

To call this section fixtures and accessories may sound a little vague. However, if you use our on-site search box we are certain that you will be able to locate what it is that you require. We have so many fixtures and accessories across an array of categories that the list would be far too long.

The quality of all products is part of our ongoing assurance and commitment to clients. We make every effort to ensure what you requested is what you get, and of the highest quality.

Accessories are no different to fixtures, they are just as necessary for clients to be able to fulfill the job in hand, and as with everything else we will only supply a quality product at affordable prices.  You may achieve greater saving from the pages of heating and plumbing special offers.

If you are a non-professional tackling a plumbing or heating project you need to be able to trust that that what is sent to you will give the desired professional finish you would expect if you had hired someone to do the work. The only thing that will prevent that when using our product is your own skill level.