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Meridien Radiators

When choosing new radiators for your home, you will have a lot of options. Radiators come in all shapes and sizes, but few come with the style of Meridien’s designer radiators. Here at the Combi Centre we carry all models of the Meridien line of radiators.

Meridien Radiators at The Combi-Centre.

This beautiful range of radiators comes from the well-known radiator/sculpture maker Aeon. This company is known to transform radiators into pieces of art. The range of Meridien radiators are no exception, they are beautifully designed and are the dream of every interior decorator. Choosing one of Meridien’s products will make it very easy for you to add a modern and elegant touch to your home; and at the same time be sure that they will perform exceptionally as a radiator.

The Aeon Company has an inspired team of designers as well as engineers; you can be certain that you’ll get the best of both worlds when choosing their products.

 Aeon design are in plain sight for everyone to see; what you don’t see is their welding techniques that use Tungsten Inert Gas resulting in joints having the same structural strength as the main body of the radiator. They also bend stainless steel bars using a special bending machine that allows them to manipulate stainless steel of every length to create any design that you can think of.

Which Meridien Radiator is Right for You?

With such an impressive company behind the Meridien range, the quality standards and design are a given. You can see the entire Combi Centre’s selection Aeon’s Meridien radiators on this website.

You can be sure that you will find the product that you want at the Combi Centre, a leading plumbing supplies and heating supplies specialist. No matter what it is that you need, we are sure to have it. If you need help choosing what would best fit your needs you can easily contacts us through our website by sending us an email or by talking with one of our trained representatives over the phone; you can also come personally to one of our showrooms.