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Inspirations products.

Take your cue from their name and restyle your bathroom with Inspirations. Inspirations is a wide range of sanitary ware, fixtures and accessories from the renowned brand Premier Bathroom Collections. You can access their entire arrange of products at the Combi Centre, where we will help to choose among our many options for the one that will make you bathroom look and function as well as it could.

Inspirations Bathrooms at the Combi Centre

The Premier Bathroom Collection is one of Britain’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of bathroom products. They enjoy great success and popularity among home owners and professional builders alike, thanks to the quality of all their products. Specialist heating and plumbing suppliers Combi Centre carry and extensive range of Inspirations products to satisfy a range of style needs.

They feature shower enclosures, baths, sanity ware, taps and heating among other products. The company has been quick to anticipate the public’s needs and offered exiting new products that has kept them in the vanguard of the market.  

Their ability to do this is due to their large research and development facilities where they both improve on the old and create the new. They constantly improve their large range of product’s quality, performance, and safety; they also optimise their manufacturing techniques and reduce their impact on the environment.

Committed to excellence

Thanks to this commitment to improve and optimise their products and manufacturing techniques they can offer a five year guarantee policy. This policy will cover all manufacturing defect in their products for domestic use, provided that the user has used them as intended.

The Premier Bathroom Collection is an all British company; they research, develop, and manufacture their entire product range in the United Kingdom with British workers. They are proud members of the “Made in Britain” scheme.

Their range of Inspirations products is supported by all of these advantages, assuring you that you are choosing one of the best products available in Britain today.