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Colosseum Radiators

If you’re shopping around for new radiators so you can be prepared for the next cold seasons; then you’ve come to the right place. The Combi Centre, a leading plumbing supplies and heating supplies specialist, can offer you a wide range of heating solutions.

Colosseum Radiators at The Combi Centre

The Colosseum radiators will keep you warm and safe and give your house a classic look. Colosseum is a range of masterfully produce radiators by leading UK manufacturer Ultra.

Ultra is of the biggest names in the bathroom industry in the country. Their success is founded in different areas; they have a very large diversity of products, impressive research and development facilities, and an excitingly convenient guarantee policy.

Ultra is also a strong supporter of the British economy and the environment. They manufacture and develop all of their products in the United Kingdom. They also year after year reduce their impact on the environment by optimising their manufacturing techniques and by implementing strong recycling and efficiency policies to their entire company.

They offer a 10 year guarantee against all manufacturing defect on their products, showing the confidence that they have in their quality and manufacturing standards.

This impressive British company has now diversified into the world of designer radiators and offers you the Colosseum range. You can choose one of these radiators with confidence and know that they will perform and last for many years.

Buy Colosseum Radiators Online

You can see the entire Combi Centre products in our website where you can choose the Colosseum radiator that will best fit your home. You can also visit as at our Showrooms in North and South Liverpool.

If you have any questions or doubts about these radiators, or are not sure of the technical details that would best fit your home, you can count on us to help you. With so many years in the business, our employees are more than qualified to guide you in your purchase and offer you advice on which of our products will be the best for you.