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Aeon Designer Radiators

If you are thinking off adding some radiators for the next winter or are in need of replacing old ones that are not working as well anymore, the Combi Centre has the solution for you.

Aeon Designer Radiators at the Combi Centre.

These are not your ordinary every day radiators that you would get from your ordinary everyday heating suppliers these have something extra. These are radiators made by Aeon and they all have unique, beautiful designs. If you are going for something different, to add some design in your house or just looking for radiators that blend and add to your exiting house design, you have found them.

Just take a look at the Combi Centre’s catalogue of Aeon Designer Radiators or rather, heated sculptures and you’ll quickly love their design. Aeon’s design team has taken inspiration from many different themes to ensure that you’ll find the one that fits you just right.

It really doesn’t matter what style you’d like your heated sculpture to have, Aeon has done it. You can choose radiators done in a Renaissance, Modern, Rococo, Art Deco, Oriental, Mediterranean or Nature inspired design, among many others. There truly is a design for everyone.

Aeon Heated Sculpture

On top of the varied and exquisite design offer in the Aeon catalogue by the Combi Centre, you’ll find the best production techniques.

Aeon welding techniques using Tungsten Inert Gas result in joints having the same structural strength as the main body of the radiator. They also can bend stainless steel bars using a special bending machine that allows them to manipulate stainless steel of every length to create any design that you can think of.

You can see the entire Combi Centre product in our website where you can choose the Aeon heated sculpture that will best fit your home or new design ideas. You can also visit as at our Showrooms in North and South Liverpool.